Who We Help

What We Look for in Our Girls

African Orphans Foundation seeks girls that are motivated, in need of assistance, and have the intellectual capacity to become future leaders in their communities.

More specific criteria is as follows:

1. The child must be female.
2. The child must be an orphan, meaning that she is not living with either her biological mother or father because they have died or have abandoned her for over 1 year.
3. The child must be in good health. Although many orphans are in need of ongoing medical care, AOF unfortunately does not have the funds or expertise to help these children, and numerous other governmental and private organizations exist which do offer this kind of assistance.
4. The child must be receiving care from a guardian, but the guardian needs financial assistance to send the girl to school. The girl can be living in an orphanage or in a private home under the care of her extended family.
5. The child must be ready to enter or already engaged in primary or secondary school. Home schooling does not qualify because AOF has no means to measure the quality of home schooling.
6. The child must be performing in the top 50% of her class and show promise towards continuing her education.
7. The child can be of any religion. However, AOF will not fund girls being cared for by guardians or organizations primarily engaged in missionary or religious activities.

As follows, At this time AOF is not soliciting applications for new girls.  However, we appreciate your interest and would encourage you to contact us with any further comments or questions about our program at AOFoundation@yahoo.com.