Our Graduates


Victoria (Vicky) Saidi

Born in 1987
Funded from 2006 to 2010

When Vicky was 11-years-old, her mother died, and three years later, her father passed away. She lived by herself until her grandmother finally took her, followed by her aunt. At that time, Vicky passed her National Examination, which would allow her to continue on to secondary school—but she couldn’t afford to pay for tuition until AOF started funding her in 2006. Vicky studied in Arusha, Tanzania, for two years, and although she did not complete her secondary education,,,she became fluent in English and gained the confidence she needed to escape the generational poverty that defined her family. Vicky now serves as a cook for a safari company called Ajabu Adventure Tours and makes a good living. Her earnings are well above the national average, and she has a safe and comfortable place to live in Arusha.