Our Students


Justine Kimtai

Born in 1991
Funded since 2005

Justine has been living with her aunt at Milimani Village in the Samburu District of Kenya since her parents’ deaths in 2000. Her aunt, although a loving and generous caregiver, is disabled and has difficulty providing for Justine. Despite this challenge in her daily life, Justine has not lost much school time. She is a bright young girl, and desires any chance in education that will allow her to succeed and help her family and community.


Josephine Lebacha

Born in 1993
Funded since 2005

Josephine’s parents died of Tuberculosis in 1994 when Josephine was only one year old. Since then, she has lived with her grandmother at Milimani Village in the Samburu District of Kenya. Her brother and sister also live with her and her grandmother. The poor living conditions for Josephine have made it an obstacle to attend school. Her grandmother (over 80 years old) has had difficulty providing the basic necessities for their home, which has led Josephine to miss much of her schooling. Josephine has proven her great desire to learn and is determined to pursue the greatest level of education she possibly can.


Rhoda Okoth

Born in 1990
Funded since 2005

Rhoda became an orphan when both her parents died in 2003, only three months apart. Rhoda moved in with her aunt who was already the mother of six children. They currently live in the Obunga area, one of the slums of Kisumu City, Kenya. She is intelligent and committed to studying. She has done particularly well in her geography and computer classes.  She understands the importance of higher education and knows that without it, employment in Kenya can be difficult for women. However, since moving in with her aunt, Rhoda has had difficulty paying school fees. Without the outside support from AOF her aunt would be unable to fund Rhoda through high school.


Botor (Magdalene) Masaa

Born in 1996
Funded since 2007

Botor became an orphan in 2005 when her father died of a local illness (probably malaria).  She was too young to recall the passing of her mother. She is a shy but sweet Masai girl from the Esititi concession area of Kenya.  She is enthusiastic about school and performs very well.  Her favorite thing about Sambell Academy, where she attends school and lives during the school year, is the intellectual encouragement she gets from her classmates to do well and succeed.


Nabulu (Esther) Kinyaul

Born in 1994
Funded since 2007

Nabulu was orphaned in 2005 near Amboseli, Kenya.  She is from a Masai village where it is difficult for women to get an education, so funding from AOF is crucial. She worries that without funding she will be a  financial burden on her village and unable to remain in school. Nabulu is smart and loves to dance native Masai dances; she even makes her own Masai necklaces (seen in this picture).


Nancy Kanini


Serah Waithera