Our Students


Lucy Julius

Born in 1996
Funded since 2003

When Lucy was only two years old, her mother was beaten to death by her father. It has been rumored that Lucy's father committed suicide or was sent to jail for life as a result. Lucy's aunt, who already had four children, became the sole caregiver for Lucy and Lucy's brother. When Lucy’s aunt became pregnant with a fifth child, she placed Lucy in an orphanage (the Rift Valley Children’s Village).  When Lucy first arrived, she was frightened and angry; and because she had been mistreated emotionally and physically for so many years, it was feared that she would never recover.  However, today she can chatter for hours, loves to play sports, and is dubbed the resident "busybody" of the orphanage. She is a tall, athletic young lady with a flamboyant personality and compassionate spirit.  She is in the top of her classes and the leader of a girl’s club at the orphanage that teaches English speaking skills and confidence.


Coletha Dawi

Born in 1999
Funded since 2006

Coletha’s father died in a car accident in 2003, causing a huge ripple effect which drove her mother to depression-related alcoholism and eventually killed her a year later in 2004.  Prior to her mother’s death, Coletha was living with her family in Mbulu, but her aunt took her into her care in Karatu after her father’s death and while her mother struggled with alcoholism.  When her aunt passed away in 2006, Coletha and her brother came to stay at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, which is how she came to the attention of AOF.  Coletha is opinionated and enthusiastic.  She is a smart young lady that often jumps at the chance to act as a leader with school projects.


Faraja Dawite Arusha

Born in 2002
Funded since 2013


Hadija Salimu

Born in 2001
Funded since 2013


Juliana Petro Ng'adi

Born in 2004
Funded since 2013


Maria Gilessa Muhoni

Born in 2002
Funded since 2013