Our Students


Haimanot Mariam

Born in 1995
Funded since 2008

It is known that both Haimanot’s parents are deceased, but the cause is unknown. It is possible that they died of malaria. She has no siblings and is currently living with her Uncle. The drought in Ethiopia has been difficult on her and her Uncle, but she is determined to stay in school and succeed. Her best grades are in art and music. She is shy, but smart and listens intently when people are speaking.


Birhan Girmay

Born in 1996
Funded since 2008

Birhan’s favorite subject in school is languages. Although she is hesitant to speak English, she can speak it well.  In addition to English and Aramaic, she is also learning the locally spoken language.  Her grandmother has been her caregiver since both her parents died, and she has one older brother. She is bright, creative, and has no difficulty making friends.  She is in the top of her class and loves school.